As well as vehicle-mounted models, various models that also feature excellent transportability are available. Suitable for use in a wide range of settings.

How to use

    Mounted on fire trucks and police vehicles, for security for international conferences and large events, etc.

  • High luminance LED Floodlight

    • Types are also available with detachable lenses that allow switching between diffused and spot lighting.

      Major lineup


    • Provides brightness equivalent to a 1,000W mercury lamp. A single unit is capable of illuminating a large area. Diffusion lenses can be mounted or removed to suit the on-site situation.

      Major lineup


    • Resin is used for part of the light body to achieve weight reductions (mid-angle light-distribution type). High-brightness LED elements combined with specially designed reflectors provide brightness equivalent to a 400W mercury lamp from a compact unit.

      Major lineup


  • Remote control LED Floodlight

    • An energy-efficient floodlight designed for ladders on ladder truck and capable of distance illumination. As a remote control models, the elevation and rotation can be controlled from the base control panel on the vehicle.

      Major lineup


  • Toripod

    • Dedicated tripod that can be collapsed to a compact size for carrying. Capable of holding floodlights weighing up to 15 kg.

      Major lineup

      T2-B (various)

  • Portablr trolley

    • Compact design makes for easy handling in narrow alleys. Uses large wheels to allow heavy generators or floodlights to be moved easily even on rough roads. Capable of holding up to 2 floodlights.

      Major lineup

      EGV-09 (light:SLD-240WAG-AS1)