Extendable Device

Various extendable devices are available for different types of vehicle. These include refraction types that can be set up in limited spaces on roofs, through types that will fit inside a vehicle and can be used extended on a roof, and manual types for use as auxiliary lights.

The refraction and through types can be used with two 160W lights and driven by a DC power supply. With a brightness to rival systems with four 400W metal halide lights, this is the ultimate in floodlights that do not require a generator. And by combining the hydraulic telescopic system with a high-power LED, this unit offers strong on-site support by providing powerful lighting from a more elevated position.

How to use

    Mounted on vehicles for the National Fire Service, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the police and various regional local governments.
    Rescue trucks, ladder trucks, multipurpose vehicle-mounted generators, pumpers, chemical fire trucks, tank trucks, lifesaving vehicles, water-cannon trucks, vehicle-mounted floodlights, etc.

  • Folding Model

    • SPACE CANNON/Floodlight

      Compact to fit on a roof. Uses Shonan’s original collapsing structure that can be smoothly and easily expanded on site. Dedicated reflectors and cutting-edge LED elements provide brightness levels in the same class as systems with four 400W metal halide floodlights.
      Our product line consists of two sizes to suit the applications and available installation space.

      Major lineup

      WL152-2402 (About 1.7ⅿ on the roof)
      WL232-2403 (About 2.5ⅿ on the roof)

  • Telescopic Model

    • Woreless electric telescopic system

      Wireless type with an integrated light and telescopic pole. Keeps the installation footprint to a minimum on vehicle roofs. There are no cables from the light to the vehicle roof so there is no need to worry about problems such as cables getting tangled around the telescopic pole.

      Major lineup

      SVE-30CL-2402 (light:two LED160W lights)
      SVE-30CL-R1202 (light:two LED80W lights)

    • Electric telescopic system

      The angle of elevation can be controlled independently for the left and right lights, giving a wide range of lighting options.

      Major lineup

      SVE-30-D2402 (light:two LED160W lights)

    • Woreless electric telescopic system

      Can be rotated ±180º left or right allowing lighting to be quickly directed as desired. No need to worry about cables getting tangled, twisted or caught.

      Major lineup

      SVO-180CL-4A (4-stage type/6m above ground)

    • Hydraulic telescopic system

      Available in 3 types to suit the vehicle and light used.

      Major lineup

      SVO-50A (3-stage type/5m above ground)
      SVO-100A (4-stage type/6m above ground)
      SVO-141-2 (2-stage type/4m above ground)

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  • Manual type

    • Manual telescopic system

      Spring balanced type. Pulls up from the roof with just a light touch.

      Major lineup

      SUD-1F (wireless type)
      SUD-1A (wired type)

    • Can be raised and lowered, rotated and telescoped using the bottom grip. The grip rotates with just a light touch, making it easy to finely adjust the angle of the floodlight.

      Major lineup