LED Searchlight

An economical and long life LED searchlight model is the latest production. No need replace the lamp (LED).
It has quick responsibility for electric power supply ON and OFF.

How to use

    Fishing boats, tugboats, patrol boats, etc.
    Ladder lighting, fishery observation, etc.

  • LED Searchlight/Highend model

    • An LED searchlight that combines a high-quality reflector with a high-brightness LED to achieve a maximum central luminance of 1.7 million cd.
      Models with a signal function are also available.

      Major lineup



    • A compact unit that combines a high-power LED and specially designed reflector to achieve a brightness equivalent to a conventional 150W metal halide lamp. Can be used on any sort of vessel, including fishing boats, tugboats and patrol boats.

      Major lineup

      LRC-50A (light source AC100V)
      LRC-50D (light source DC24V)