Xenon Searchlight

Xenon lamp enables to light the searchlight and its powerful beam and brightness provide the best performance to many kinds of vessels. Its efficiency light is quite recommendable for the patrol boat and/or control ships.

How to use

    Monitoring and controlling unidentified vessels
    On fishing boats for finding shoals of fish, locating drift nets, etc.

  • 60cm Xenon Searchlight

    • A searchlight that uses a 600W xenon lamp combined with an ultra-large reflector to achieve Japan’s highest standard for luminosity distance.
      It features an angular velocity meter and tilt sensor (oscillating gyro) built into the searchlight body to provide an outstanding capacity to maintain its angle to the target relative to the ship’s motion.

      Major lineup


  • Xenon Searchlight

    • A searchlight with a clear, wide beam.

      Major lineup